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It's holiday time for all you wonderful kids. It's time to rest, refresh your brain and body, spend time with your family and friends and get ready for Term 3. It will be a busy but fun term with skipping, speeches, bridge building and ending with Inquiry Learning.

Over the holidays it would be fantastic if you started thinking about your speech topic. If you start thinking about what you want to speak about during the holidays it will make it much easier for you next term and you will already be one step ahead. My suggestions to you are:

  1. BRAINSTORM POSSIBLE SPEECH TOPICS - the choice is only limited by your imagination. Try to choose a topic that reaches your audience (your classmates) and motivates them to take some form of action. A speech that aims to persuade others to agree with you on a certain issue e.g caring for the environment, poverty is a great way to go. Don't choose a topic such as 'My Pet', 'My Best Friend' as these topics have been done SO MANY TIMES!
  2. Select a few of your favourite topics from your brainstorm and RESEARCH them. Find out whether there is much information about your chosen topics and think about what your possible message would be for your audience.

If you do these two steps you will be helping to make next term easier for you. DON'T WRITE YOUR SPEECH. I will be teaching you some speech writing skills in the first few weeks of the term and we will write the speeches at school.


Feel free to write some comments on the wiki about what you are doing over the holidays. I'd love to hear from you! Write your comments on the 'Sharing Page' so we can all keep in contact over the holidays. Take care and look after yourself.