Welcome to my page!!!


I really enjoyed camp because the food there was delicious and all the activities were AWESOME. Everyone had a wonderful time at camp. Guess what? we even had a BONFIRE NIGHT we toasted delicious marshmallow. Most of them were over toasted.

I am looking forward to Prize giving, Year 6 Graduation, Christmas, Pakuranga plaza festival and next year at BBI.


This week is maths week!!Every day we Mr Baly asks us a maths question over the loud speaker. We have write our answer on a peice of paper and put it in a box. A name gets drawn out, the lucky person who is drawn out gets a prize.


This week we have peace week. We share and care for one and other. We did lots and lots of amazing activities like forming in a peace lettter and each class got to make a peace banner. Once all the classes had done that we gave our banners to Mrs Nugent and she stiched them together. Everyone had a fantastic time on peace day.


Guess what this week is art week we get to do a lot of art work. Our lovely class gets to draw a insect with a chalk and then colour it in with bright coloured pastles. Once we have done that we get to colour in the background. Last but not least we need to dye it. Our lovely art work is complete.

Today we ahd a lovely time at school !!!!!!!!! It was jump rope for heart day. we all had so much fun jumping. We helped others when they felt scared! Everyone had a wonderful time !!!!!!!!!